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Soho is a 53 year-old non-profit in good standing with the IRS. 
Our annual independent audits confirm that Soho's administrative costs are only 1% and Soho's annual fund-raising expenses are zero.  This means that fully 99% of what you give will directly help children.


Make an Online Donation

Soho appreciates donations, large and small. 
You can make your donation through your PayPal account or with a credit card or debit card. To make a secure direct donation, please Click Here


Make a Donation by Check

You can send your donation check to -.
Soho Center
1564 West Hoover Road
Madison, Virginia 22727

We will promptly send you an acknowledgment letter and our sincere thanks for your support.


Get 65% Tax Credit for your Donation

If you live in Virginia (or have a business in Virginia), you no doubt pay state income taxes.  Soho can give many donors Virginia income tax credits which give you back 65% of the amount you donated as well as a federal deduction.

Please call us (540-923-5012) for more details about these Tax Credits - and to confirm whether your planned donation would qualify.  If yes, it is a wonderful way to re-direct the taxes you would have paid anyway - and to put those same dollars toward helping Soho help children.

For details on Soho's corporate donors, please Click Here.


Donate Appreciated Stocks Directly to the Soho Center

If you itemize, this will give you federal and state tax deductions - and you will also avoid paying capital gains.  In addition, you may also be able to receive 65% Virginia Tax Credits (see above).


Donate through the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC)
If  your workplace participates in the CVC (like UVA, VCU, and all state agencies do), please choose to support the Soho Center.  Soho's CVC code number is 003007 or 200008.  Since Soho works state-wide, you'll be helping many children in the community where you live and work.


Donate through your local or regional United Way

Please be sure to specifically designate your donation for the Soho Center.  Since the Soho Center helps children state-wide, this is a way to make a difference for children where you live, where you work, and where it's needed.  (When you designate Soho, you may wish to use our full legal name - Soho Center for Arts and Education - and our FEIN 13-2943318.)


Ask if your Employer Matches Employee Donations

If your employer has a matching contribution program, please ask if your donation to Soho can be matched.  And if yes, please tell your colleagues about Soho to see if they will also do this. 


Donate some or all of your Required Minimum Distribution

Consider making a contribution from an IRA. If you (or anyone you know) is over 70 years old, you have to take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) each year.  This RMD can put you in a higher tax bracket and affect your Medicare premiums.  Consider making a direct contribution (a Qualified Charitable Distribution - QCD) to Soho.  Please call us (540-923-5012) or ask your accountant for details.


Help Sponsor a Project
If you are a member of a group that raises money (Rotary Club, Lions Club, Women in Philanthropy, an investment club, and others), your group can choose a Soho project to support.  Want to help Soho give books to preschoolers?  Want to help Soho give books to kindergartners?  Want to help Soho give books to children whose parents serve in all branches of the military?  Please call us (540-923-5012) to discuss possibilities and how your group can help. 


A Zero Cost Opportunity - Amazon

Whenever you purchase anything on-line through Amazon, you can (at no cost to you) have Amazon give Soho a small percentage of your purchase cost.  Please bookmark and make all of your purchases through this Amazon Smile link to benefit Soho.  Please share this Amazon Smile link and encourage your family members, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues to also do this.  It's a free, easy way to help support Soh

Just click on the Amazon logo to get started.  Your log-in will open in another page.

If you would like more information, please email us at
Donations@sohobooks.org or call Soho at 540-923-5012

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