There are many different ways to help the Soho Center.  We hope you will look
at all of these free possibilities and find your way to help.  Thank you so much!


Amazon - A Zero Cost Opportunity

Whenever you purchase anything on-line through Amazon, you can (at no cost to you) have Amazon give Soho a small percentage of your purchase cost.  Please bookmark and make all of your purchases through this Amazon Smile link so Soho can receive this.  Please share this Amazon Smile link and encourage your family members, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues to also do this.  It's a free, easy way to help support Soh

Just click on the Amazon logo to get started.  Your log-in will open on another page.


Please Tell Others about the Soho Center
If your friends, neighbors, relatives, and people at work care about helping children, maybe they too will support Soho in one or more ways.  How can you tell them about Soho?  Start a conversation.  Send an email (or a bunch of emails) and share Soho's website
www.sohobooks.org   Post something on your Facebook page. Use social media to help others know about Soho - and encourage them to do something meaningful for many, many children.


Know Anyone at a Foundation?

Connect Soho with anyone you know at a foundation - a large foundation, small foundation, community foundation, corporate foundation, or family foundation. 

Soho has a long track record of organizing cost-effective programs that directly help large numbers of children (primarily low-income and at-risk children). We create sensible partnerships with other groups and deliver exactly as promised, on time and on budget.  Your introduction would be very helpful - and then Soho could continue the conversation (and submit a grant application).


Create a Link

If you have a webpage, put a link on it to the Soho Center's site - www.sohobooks.org - and Thanks!


Tell people about Soho's National Children's Literacy Website
The Soho Center has created a very useful online resource - the National Children's Literacy Website - www.kidsliteracy.org   This completely non-commercial site gives parents, grandparents, child care providers, and community volunteers lots of ideas and tips for helping children love books, learning, and reading.  With no paid placement, the site is typically in the Top 5 out of 140 million sites on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for "children's literacy" - so it can help a lot of people who care about children and who care for children. 


Tell organizations about Soho's National Children's Literacy Website
Tell your local library, your local child care program, your local early childhood program, your local social service agency about the Soho Center and Soho's children's literacy website - www.kidsliteracy.org   Ask them to put it on their website (and link to it) as a Community Resource. It is another wonderful way to help many children.


Connect Soho with anyone you know at a major publisher
We have wonderful support from several major publishers.  As we grow our Book Giveaways to help hundreds of thousands of children, we would welcome having more books. Your introduction would be very helpful.


If you would like more information, please email us at
Donations@sohobooks.org or call Soho at 540-923-5012

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