C B S - 1 9   C O V E R A G E   O F   S O H O   C E N T E R ' S   R E D !   P R O J E C T
 D E L I V E R I N G   F R E E   B O O K S   T O   L O U I S A   K I N D E R G A R T N E R S 

- 0:90 Second Video -


The Soho Center, with support from the Library of Virginia, brought RED! (Read Every Day!) to Louisa County.
RED! gives every entering kindergartner ten new quality children's books to take home and keep.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a Soho-created video.  It is 
by CBS-19 (Charlottesville, Virginia) of Soho's RED! project in Louisa County.

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