The Soho Center's RED! (Read Every Day!) Project gives every entering kindergarten student in 19 Title I public schools one new book each day for the first 10 days of school - a total of ten books with a retail value of approximately $150 for each student.
We were delighted to see that the local news media loved the
RED! project as much as the kids and the schools did.  ________________________________________________________

RED! made the front page of the Charlottesville Daily Progress
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RED! was also covered in Charlottesville Tomorrow
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In addition to print/web media, RED! got two days of TV news coverage
on NBC 29 (To see the NBC spots, please Click Here)

And RED! got news coverage on CBS 19

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Just a bit more about the project.  

Along with the books, the Soho Center created two flyers that are sent home to parents.  The flyers encourage parents to read every day with their children, to borrow more children's books from the library, and to visit the Soho Center's Children's Literacy website ( for educational tips.

RED! Flyer 1 - Distributed with the first gift book on the first day of school:

RED! Flyer 2 - Distributed with the 6th gift book at the start of the second week of school:

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