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Donation Opportunities

Including 65% NAP Tax Credits for Virginia businesses and individuals


The  Soho Center offers several ways you can help - including allowing
Virginia donors to support the Soho Center at zero-cost by redirecting federal
and state income taxes that donors would have had to pay anyway
Individual Donations* of Any Amount Using PayPal or Credit Card
You can make a tax-deductible donation in any amount by check (address below)
or through our secure PayPal/credit card interface.  To use
this secure online payment method, please Click Here.
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Special Zero-Cost Donation Opportunity for Corporate
and Individual Donors in Virginia
Donations of at least $500 from individuals in Virginia or of at least $1,000 from businesses
in Virginia give the donor their full federal deduction plus a 65% Virginia NAP Income Tax Credit
that can be used dollar-for-dollar to pay Virginia Income Tax obligations.
Depending on your federal income tax bracket, there are two options for this
true zero-cost donation. 
For more details, please Click Here.

Support the Soho Center When You Buy at Amazon.
Here's a really easy and free way to support the Soho Center.  Please consider
buying your books (or anything else) at Amazon by clicking the Amazon logo below.
What you buy will cost the same - but Soho will get a small fee from Amazon for each purchase.

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Once you use this link, you can bookmark it and use it every time you go to Amazon.
That way, every purchase will always help us help more kids and families.  Thanks!

Donations of
Products or Services are also Welcome.
Individuals and businesses can also make tax-deductible donations of certain products - including new
  children's books, new children's clothing, and media equipment  as well as certain services.
If you would like to explore this possibility, please call us directly at 540-923-5012

* Please Note:  The Soho Center is not soliciting in states (nor will we accept donations from individuals or businesses located in such states) that require the Soho Center to be registered as a soliciting, out-of-state non-profit.  This expanding trend of states requiring even modest non-profits to register to accept any donation, however small, is a way for some states to get additional tax dollars. 

Registering with numerous states is a complicated and quite costly process, and we'd rather use our time and money to provide free programs that help children and families.  Given this situation, Soho is not soliciting donations from such states.

The current list of states that would require us to register are - 

Alaska Kansas Nevada Rhode Island
Kentucky New Hampshire South Carolina
Arkansas Louisiana New Jersey Tennessee
California Maine New Mexico Utah
Colorado Maryland North Carolina Washington
Connecticut Massachusetts Ohio West Virginia
Florida Michigan Oklahoma Wisconsin
Georgia Minnesota Oregon
Hawaii Mississippi Pennsylvania

So, if you live in one of these states, we truly appreciate your desire to support our work, but we need to say "No Thanks" because of the position your state has taken.


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