The National Children's Literacy Website is a unique children's literacy initiative and is part of the Soho Center's National Children's Literacy Information Project - a not-for-profit
literacy initiative dedicated to advancing the literacy skills of young children, promoting literacy as an integral factor
in the growth of society, and enhancing literacy in a variety of
home and child care settings. We believe that reading is a fundamental skill needed by all, and we are proud of what we are doing to help children learn to read.


Sources for Kids' Books

T h e r e   A r e   S o   M a n y   C h o i c e s

These companies sell quality children's books by phone, by mail, and online.
Call or visit all of them to get their free print catalogs or online listings.
(If you click through to Amazon from this link, any books you
will generate a small fee back to the Soho Center to support 
our work on behalf of kids' literacy  And it will not cost you
extra.  Thanks!)

   Barnes & Noble
800-843-2665 /

   Bilingual Books for Kids
800-385-1020 /

   Candlewick Press
No Phone /

800-776-2242 /

   Daedalus Books
800-395-2665 /

   Dover Publications
516-294-7000 /

   Edward R. Hamilton
Falls Village, Connecticut 06031-5000
No Phone - Write for Catalog /

   Free Spirit Publishing
800-735-7323 /

   HarperCollins Children's
212-261-6500 /

   Houghton Mifflin
800-597-6127 /

800-968-1930 /

   Klutz Books
800-737-4123 /

800-321-3106 /
(Ask for Elementary Supplemental Catalog)

   Random House
212-782-9000 /

   Scholastic, Inc.
800-724-6527 /
(Ask for Educational Catalog)

   Usborne Books
800-475-4522 /


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