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Soho Center's 6,500 sq. ft. facility includes a 2,500 sq. ft. Training Classroom / Resource Library

Soho's Resource Library includes over 20,000 children's books - many in multiple editions and from different decades.

The collection includes a wide variety of  related props and learning materials to promote children's literacy and love of literature.

Soho's Training Classroom / Resource Library includes thousands of non-fiction children's books and related educational materials

Sections of the non-fiction collection (a portion of which is shown above) are devoted to animals, archaeology, geography,
Native Americans, American history,
diverse cultures, earth sciences, nature studies, weather, space, seasons, habitats,
anatomy, and science projects.  Several examples follow . . .

Books on early mankind, archaeology, skeletons, and bones (with related materials)

A part of the science section, here featuring astronomy and rocks and fossils

Birds and birds' nests above and the horse section of the animals collection

Part of the Native American section

A selection from the Architecture section

Part of the "found nature" collection

Books on science projects, health, first aid, and bodies - with related educational materials (microscopes, magnets, first aid kit, etc.)

Some of Soho's resources for teaching math concepts, including telling time, measurement, weight, fractions, money, and graphing

The math section includes a collection of math-related children's books for toddlers through middle school

Demonstration area for early writing skills, shapes and patterns, and small motor skills
because reading and writing go hand in hand

The block area (designed to attract both boys and girls) includes children's books on transportation,
farm animals, and starting school - plus related props. 

Part of Soho's collection of "board books" to introduce very young children to picture book reading

Back room - more resources for teacher training and to support children's development

90 drawers of additional educational resources - from art supplies and multi-purpose puppets to animal tails and doctor bags


A-B-C books, "word" books, children's dictionaries and thesauruses plus books on punctuation and idioms

Soho's conference room with a collection of teacher training and parent education books

Another view of the conference room

Samples in the Resource Library of the hundreds of thousands of quality children's books that the Soho Center
donates to Head Start, Boys & Girls Clubs and other after-school programs, home-visiting programs,
hospitals, and other child-related organizations
to promote children's literacy and a love of books

Soho's large-scale Book Giveaways are done from Soho's warehouse.
To see it in operation and Head Start children receiving books, please click here

Soho's media facility has broadcast-level post-production video capabilities, including two Lightworks systems


Over the years, Soho's Resource Facility has been used for a variety of training sessions for child care providers and parents

A teacher training collaboration can include actual demonstrations of excellent teaching -  with the option of
full broadcast-level video documentation and post-production for outreach

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