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Over 195,000 Quality Children's Books to Head Start!

How Soho Sends Over 195,000 Books to Head Start
Soho selects wonderful, age-appropriate children's books from many hundreds of possible titles.  The books show up in hundreds of boxes, each of which contains multiple copies of just one title.  The task is to create over 1,000 boxes (each with an assortment of different titles), and to then ship these boxes to over 1,000 Head Start classroom across Virginia.   That means opening every box, taking one book from each, putting it into a new box, and doing that for each of the selected tiitles.  Once that's done, boxes are sealed, labeled for shipment, palletized, and sent off for delivery.

To see a video of the process and of Head Start children getting the books, please Click Here

Here are a few photos as we prepare the book collections for one of several shipments to Virginia's over 1,000 Head Start classrooms as well as photos of the kids who read them throughout the school year. 

Soho Center's Director, Jeanna Beker, with Techni-Pak's Chris Spence finalizing plans to package up and ship
over 1,000 boxes of children's books to Head Start classrooms across the state.

Boxes of children's books being opened to then assemble a collection of books
for each Head Start classroom

Each of the Head Start classrooms now has wonderful new, hardcover books for children

New, hardcover children's books ready for packing as part of the Soho Center's Book Giveaway

Staging area for building boxes of quality children's books

Final packaging and sealing and then onto pallets for shipment

For more photos of Head Start kids and
their "Thank You" cards, Click Here

With your support, the Soho Center is ready to expand this state-wide
Book Giveaway to include Title I public school kindergarten and first grade classrooms,
additional hospitals,
public libraries, military bases, Boys & Girls Clubs,
and other child-related programs for low-income kids

For information about helping the Soho Center give away more
quality children's books (including unique income-tax-credit-based,
zero-cost donation options for Virginia businesses
and individuals),
please Click Here

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