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T O   N O V A N T   H E A L T H  -
U V A   H E A L T H   S Y S T E M .

Expanding on our successful collaboration with UVa Children's Hospital, the Soho Center
has given over 25,000 children's books to Novant - UVA in Culpeper

Greg Napps, Hospital CEO, looks through some of the thousands of children's books
with Soho's Director, Jeanna Beker (standing) and Mary Kay Campbell,
Administrative Director of Marketing

Thousands of books are being given to sick children and their siblings - at the Hospital's
Birthing Center, Pediatrics Practices, Powell Wellness Facility, and Emergency Room

Jeanna Beker meets with Sandy Boone, former Director of Community Outreach and Development,
Culpeper Wellness Foundation, about the distribution of Soho's book donation at the Hospital

Lee Kirk, former CEO, Culpeper Regional Hospital and Culpeper Regional Health System (right),
enjoys some children's books with Soho's Director, Jeanna Beker, as they discuss Soho's Book Giveaway


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