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The Soho Center is a Platinum-level Candid / GuideStar Participant
Committed to Full Nonprofit Transparency

Soho is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Central Virginia that helps over 200,000 children each year.

Soho gives away about $4 million of new, children's books each year. These books are carefully selected, appealing books to help children love reading and learning.

Soho partners with multiple groups in Virginia and provides them with hundreds of thousands of new, quality children's books each year that they can use in their programs and give to children.

Soho has created an important online resource for parents and programs - the National Children's Literacy Website.  With no paid placement, this completely non-commercial site is typically in the Top 5 on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for "children's literacy" out of 140 million sites.

Soho has 48 years of experience promoting children's literacy, school readiness, grade level reading, and school success.

Soho has 48 years of experience in early childhood education and parent education.

Soho creates a wide range of effective, quality media to support its various programs. This includes Parent Flyers on topics like children's literacy, PSAs, and our well-reviewed DVD, The Business of Family Child Care.

Soho has 48 years of experience creating and implementing sensible, cost-effective programs that help large numbers of children.

Soho's programs are free (free to the public, not free to accomplish).

Soho gets annual independent audits, and Soho's administrative expenses are only 1% - so donor dollars go directly to programs and services that truly help children.


Soho invites you to learn more.

Email us at SohoQuickFacts@sohobooks.org
or call Soho at 540-923-5012

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