T h e   B u s i n e s s   o f   F a m i l y   C h i l d   C a r e

The Business of Family Child Care
is a wonderful 25-minute DVD featuring Tom Copeland, nationally known child care tax and business expert
formerly of Redleaf National Institute along with Jeanna Beker, Director of the Soho Center, and lots of real family child care providers

This DVD has been extensively field-tested and successfully used by licensing agencies, USDA Food Program Sponsors, Cooperative Extension Agents, Child Care Associations, R&Rs, other child care-related groups, and thousands of individual child care providers across the nation. 

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The Business of Family Child Care is perfect for groups of providers
or for agency or state-wide distribution. 
The Reviews are Great!
    Deborah Eaton 
    Past President, National Association For Family Child Care - "[The Soho Center has created] a high quality program to help providers in their professional development. Your video offers valuable information and guidance for operating a successful, legal family child care business and is supportive of providers and child care groups serving the provider community." 

    Kathy Modigliani 
    Director, The Family Child Care Project, Wheelock College  - "This video is a must for family child care trainers and a valuable addition to child care resource libraries . . .   Most new family child care providers do not realize that they are starting a small business. They think about the financial and legal aspects of their work with fear and loathing. They cause themselves grief as well as earning less than they could. In turn, these attitudes contribute to the high turnover rate, since unstable or inadequate income is the largest cause of providers quitting their jobs. In The Business of Family Child Care, diverse providers endorse the simple steps by Tom Copeland. The convincing message is, 'It's easy . . . It's worth it . . . If I can do it, anyone can.'  Thank you for this great new resource." 

    Mary Layton 
    Director, Communications, Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) - "The Soho Center's video, 'The Business of Family Child Care,' is a wonderfully produced presentation that covers important rules in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. Family child care providers will welcome this video - it's made for real people doing the real work of caring for children. I hope everyone in the family child care business and all those who are considering the business get the opportunity to see this video." 

    Lura Lee Widman 
    Executive Director, Nutrition Education & Child Care Food Program (Massachusetts) - "When we heard about the tape, we hoped it was the answer to our quest for a professional business training tool. The day we viewed it, we ordered 50 copies to use in our initial training with providers. It was great!" 

    Betty Cassidy 
    Past Vice President, National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)  -  "I like the optimistic overview of the video. With words like, 'Be the best you can be,' the video will appeal to both novice and experienced providers. For new providers entering the field, it will enable them to get off to a good start. For providers who have dabbled in care giving, it will enable them to refocus and make a solid business commitment. It is an exciting, much needed video which addresses the business of family child care in such a nurturing way. It provides a teaching tool which will receive wide welcome at Leadership Training Seminars, USDA Food Training Classes, family child care conferences, national and local family child care association gatherings, child care resource and referral agencies, and child care regulation agencies. I wish every family child care provider in America will have the opportunity of seeing this video." 

    Ann M. Lastovica, Ph.D. 
    Cooperative Extension Specialist, Family Management/State Extension Coordinator for Home-Based and Micro Business - "This video provides an excellent summary of the business information that providers need to know. It fills a real need for all of us who work with providers and individuals starting child care businesses. It complements our existing resource materials and is easy to use." 

    Carolyn Montanari 
    Training Specialist, Yours for Children, (Massachusetts) -"The Business of Family Child Care is a wonderful presentation both in content and in approach. Tom Copeland's straight forward tips, supported with provider interviews and pleasant narration, sends a positive message to all child care providers. . . . Family child care is a uniquely individualized business. Caring for children crosses all cultures and ethnic borders. It was nice to see this incorporated into the video. Family child care speaks the language of love - and now - the language of taxes and record keeping, as well." 

    Mark Riley 
    Director, Southern Office, Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) - "The video brought the business of running a family child care service into the mainstream of services for children and families. This video clearly and simply explains the steps necessary to become what family child care is - a legitimate and critical service. We applaud your efforts in continuing to improve the lives of children by supporting those that care for them." 

    Nancy Sutcliffe 
    Assistant Director, Nutrition Education & Child Care Food Program (Massachusetts) - "WOW,  it is wonderful. Every time something different was brought up, we kept saying, 'it's even covering this and this.'  The bottom line - we were totally impressed. I am thankful to you for making such a wonderful, positive, enlightening video." 

    Emily Couric 
    Former Senator - 25th District, Virginia- "Thank you for sending me your latest A1-KIDS-1 Newsletter and a copy of your video, 'The Business of Family Child Care.'  I thought both were superb.  They are clearly presented, informative, and encouraging.  You are offering a valuable service through your efforts."


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